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 Online Gambling VS Land-based Gambling

Are you interested in gambling? Do you play at a hotel-casino in Las Vegas or you play online? Do you understand their difference? Which types do you like the most? Here in this article, the battle between online gambling and traditional land-based casinos is the focus. It is a fact that both online casinos and land-based gambling have some unique and powerful plus points and disadvantages. Some favor online gambling and some go for land-based gambling. Both have some similarities and differences. They have both some unique features for each.

Advantages Of Land-based Gambling

A land-based casino in Las Vegas has a favorable atmosphere. No online alternative can come upto this atmosphere. Which is part and parcel of Vegas casino/ no software has yet been able to create a neon glow on the strip and impart it into the online gaming experience.

Have you heard the roar of players surrounding the crap table? It is not yet in online gambling. Artificial craps environment is seen only in land-based gambling. It is not in the internet brand of gaming. When a player gets a roll o dice, there is a cheer throughout the casino floor in Vegas or Atlantic City. In internet gambling, though you have your team member the only cheer you hear is your own.

Bnline Gambling Bonus And Complimentary Gifts Of Land-based Casinos

So for as freebies are concerned, playing online is same as Vegas was in the 1970s. Two thousand casinos globally are vying for your business. There are a lot of offers no deposit bonuses, percentage bonuses and existing player bonuses. There is objection on online gambling casino bonuses that they have terms and conditions. But you must think that with your $50 deposit you can wager more than $1000 with this bonus money.

If you play in a hotel-casino, you must spend hundreds of dollars for a complimentary offer. There are smaller freebies after you have played a lot. They give you a free drink. Do you think it better to drink at some point during the gambling session? Why alcohol is referred to as chip remover by some casino experts. Do you drink at your job?

Variety Of Battle

If you go to Vegas strip at night, you may see a lot of casinos where you can play. But there are only a few options for you. Most of the casinos are not in your walking distance. There are 80 casinos in Vegas.

When you go online, there are a lot of options. You may enter a competition just by a click. If you feel a casino has poor service, comps or game selection, you may search for a new online gambling site. There is other just a click away.


Both online and land-based casinos have some advantages and disadvantages. You need not consider that Vegas casinos are useless. Everyone who enjoys the casino as a hobby should experience the buzz and lights of the land-based casino.