What Really Happened in African Cup 2016?

Are you familiar with African Cup 2016? Well, if this was your first time hearing this, then this article is definitely for you to read.

African Cup 2016 or also known as CHAN 2016 or commonly used term is 2016 African Nations Championship happen this year starting from January 16 until February 7 of the same year.

2016 African Nations Championship
2016 African Nations Championship

This African Nations Championship happens every 2 years and this year happens to be the 4th edition of the said prestigious football sports event. All men who are members of the men’s national team of Africa are against or competes with other national football leagues which is composed of 16 teams. This year happens to be or took place at Rwanda which is the host for this year’s event. Since we cannot watch the event live, this CHAN 2016 was televised and broadcast live at Bein Sports (on Easybox TV) since Bein Sports were the ones who were able to get the license to broadcast it live. And the Major Sponsor for the CHAN 2016 is no other than the known brand when it comes to sporting needs is the Bein Sports.

Enjoy Bein Sports on Easybox TV.
Enjoy Bein Sports on Easybox TV.

How The Game Took Place

So since there are up against 16 teams and only 2 teams are qualified to compete for the championships. The organizer grouped the 16 teams into 4 plots. The draw happens before the said CHAN 2016 that already took place on November 15, 2015 of last year. Whoever won for this stage will be qualified and advance for the stage 2 which is the qualifying round. The winners for the 1st draw are mentioned as follows. For the Group A, the winner for this draw is the Rwanda which is the host for this year and Ivory Cost which both of the team managed to score with a total of 6 points. As of Group B, The Cameroon and the DR Congo won for this group with a leading score of 7 points for the Cameroon and Dr Congo followed with a total points of 6. The Group 3 on the other hand, Tunisia and team Guinea happens to bag the winner and both of the team manage to gain 5 points each. And last but definitely not the least is the Group D, which happens to be won by Zambia with a total points of 7 and followed y Mali with a point of 5. Since there are 8 teams to be competing for the knock out stage only 4 teams were able to advance for the Semifinals which are as follows DR Congo, Guinea, Mali and Ivory Cost.It was a tough play and everybody wants to only those who excel in this kind of sports win which advances to the Championship rounds.

For this year, DR Congo won the title as the Football Champion for the year 2016 which is already their 2nd title followed by The team Mali as the 1st place, Ivory Cost who bagged the third place and Mali for getting the 4th place.

Rwanda is the host for this year.
Rwanda is the host for this year.
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